What is Drip or Pour Over Coffee?

Well, the name says it all. It's hot water ‘poured over’ ground
coffee through a filter. This method of extraction, which continuously infuses
fresh water into the coffee grounds, is not just efficient; it makes sure you
get a cup of coffee that’s sophisticated and consistent every single time.
You’re sold, aren’t you?

How do I brew my Koonoo coffee?

We were expecting this one! Here’s our ‘How to Brew’ Guidewhich will guide you to your perfect pour in just 1, 2, 3, 4,

What exactly is specialty coffee?

Specialty coffee, simply put, is special. Literally speaking, it's the
term referred to coffee that’s scored over 80 points on a 100 point scale by
the SCA (Specialty Coffee Association).

But now that we’ve got the technicalities out of the way, what we can tell you
is that specialty coffee checks all the boxes when it comes to every single
coffee bean: from quality, consistency, and transparency to sourcing, roasting
and brewing.

What it means for you? Expect to sip on a cuppa that’s practically perfect.
Yes, it most definitely deserves a drumroll!

Are flavors and cupping notes the same thing?

Oh, they most definitely are not. While flavored coffees refer to coffee
beans that are intentionally coated in flavor oils, cupping notes are ‘subtle’
tasting notes like hints of chocolate, citrus or nuts, that are already
naturally present within the coffee. So, while flavors are add-ons and often
mask the taste of coffee, cupping notes, on the other hand, elevate the taste
of your coffee.

Now you know never to confuse chocolate-flavored coffee with coffee that has
notes of chocolate. Easy, right?

Does your coffee have any additives or preservatives?

Trust us when we say that our coffee is clean. We only use specialty
coffee beans that are 100% natural without any preservatives. Go on, have a sip. You’ll be able to tell for yourself.

Where is your coffee sourced from?

All our coffee is proudly sourced from Latam and Africa. Two
continents that are largely responsible for putting the bean on the world map.

Which is your strongest coffee?

Look out, it's in the name! Still guessing? It’s theKoonooo Bold.

Do you sell decaf coffee?

Not just yet, but it’s on its way! We’re working hard to bring you a
(decaf) brew that’s perfect for you.


Where can I buy your coffee?

We’re so glad you asked. For now, just on our website But if you, or someone you know, may be interested in stocking us,we’re all ears.

How do I know which coffee is right for me?

We’ve done our homework so all you have to do is simply sip. Take ourcoffee quiz, and let us lead you to a brew that’s right for you.

What shipping methods are available?

Next-day delivery via courier. Because we know the sooner your brew reaches you, the better it is. For everybody.