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It’s that time of the year again! We finally get an excuse to have a jolly time with close ones along with the company of dazzling lights, beautiful decorations, oh let’s not forget the wide range of drool-worthy and wholesome food! But what completes all Indian celebrations, whether it’s festivals like Ganesh Chaturthi, Dussehra and Diwali, are some really exciting gifts and presents. It may sound like a dreadful task to think of appropriate yet personalized gifting options, but don’t you worry, we’ve got you covered! Here’s our list of 5 best gifts that you can give for the upcoming festivals! 

  1. Dry Fruits –

You can never go wrong with an assorted box of almonds, cashews and good old raisins! Synonymous with warmth, affection and good health, these energy-packed nuts are the easiest and safest items to gift people around you. Not to mention that they are economical and the healthiest snack to munch on when in need of an instant energy boost.


  1. Indian Spices –

Known for their medicinal uses and aromatic qualities, a wide array of Indian spices makes one of the best traditional gifting options! Turmeric, cumin, cinnamon, cardamom, only to name a few, always come in handy in our desi kitchens. Be rest assured, that the person receiving this curated box of robust and exotic additives will be forever grateful to you.


  1. Ice Cream

Who would say no to some healthy dessert after an extravagant meal? We already know the answer! It’s high time you introduce your friends and family to NOTO – Ice cream that loves you back. They’re sure to be tempted by our endless collection of indulgent, low calorie ice creams which are creamy and tasty in spite of being healthy! Don’t forget to check out our Mini Bites collection, where you get to enjoy guilt-free frozen delights covered in exciting different flavours! So, surprise them with a bundle of our irresistible and delectable ice creams.

 PS.- Do make sure you steal a few bites from their tub!


  1. Healthy Mithai

What better way to enjoy traditional sweets than with NOTO’s halwai-styled healthy mithais? Gift your relatives and friends with a box (or dozen) of our mouth-watering mithais like melt-in-the-mouth Gulab Jamuns, soft and tender Rasgullas, scrumptious Motichoor Ladoos and more! And the best part, they’re made with zero added sugar and are low in calories – meaning zero guilt! Now, isn’t that the perfect way of enjoying the festive season?


  1. Vegan Hampers

If you think going plant-based meant quitting ice cream, we’ve got to stop you right there! Make your witty, sassy and lovely vegan friends go speechless with NOTO’s collection of unique and guilt free Vegan Ice Creams or watch all the fruit lovers of your squad slurp away with our super refreshing popsicles.

 No more stressing over the ideal gift, easy-peasy! We hope this list has hyped you enough for the approaching celebrations and festivities. No matter what you gift, it’s the countless memories and the silly little shenanigans that you will cherish forever…

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