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Excellent quality of both the syrups. It has made our dessert and breakfast options yummier and healthy!

Upasana Makati

Of the 4 boxes purchased, I have tasted two of them and they are simply yummy and delicious. Better than the normal ice-creams.

Remy Fernandes

Super awesomee.. great to see the marcos and calories of the ice cream are so fitting in keto! now just need to remove the additives and make it super natural

Mihir Vaze

This one surprised me so much. The taste profile balance was excellent. Enjoyed the veganised caramel. The texture was perfect. Loved it. Thank you.

Shelmina Chakkalakal

Real jamun with the salts- amazing taste…would have little bit of chat power/ spicy taste to complete the mumbai chowpati kalakhatta flavour feel :)) Did not want to stop with 1.

Deepa Hebbar

Excellent product, flavours are quite adventurous, great packing and delivery on time

Mahadevan Narayanan

Absolutely lovely. Am a regular NOTO fan and do a buy twice a month.

Geeta Philip

NOTO ice creams have always been my top favourite Ice cream. Dark chocolate and mocha choco chip are my go to flavours all the time.

Rohit Manjrekar

The popsicles are simply yummmmy. Pina colado is my favourite. Product was delivered well in time & very good packaging meant that everything was still frozen when I got it.

Maya Merchant

Refreshing and comforting in this scorching heat. Would love to have watermelon and chikoo flavours. Yes, you can actually taste bits of real fruit in the pops. Reorder coming soon ……

Swapna Karulkar